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Prankster Brow-zing

What’s a 17-year-old girl to do after watching a make-up video? Why prank her boyfriend, of course.

According to BuzzFeed News, Lynette Galvan watched L.A. make-up artist Chrisspy transform herself into Yoda, and decided to copy one of the tricks: the disappearing eyebrow.

Using glue, powder, concealer, and foundation, the teen erased her left eyebrow, snapped a pic, and sent the uneven look to her boyfriend.

When he accused her of editing the picture, she completed the prank by fake shaving the other eyebrow, leaving only shadows of her former brow line.

His reaction to her hairless forehead?


Not a bad response. Not a bad response at all.

You can see her photos and his reaction on Twitter.