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Free and .99 Books for Read an E-book Week

Free and .99 Books for Read an E-book Week

This week I’m celebrating reading and the 10th anniversary of Read an E-Book week by sharing free and 0.99 titles.

First, is the author who first told me about Read an E-Book Week, Suzanne Lily, and her newest YA book, GOLD RUSH GIRL.  

gold-rush-girl-small-e1391433764864Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold may be at odds about how to make money during the California Gold Rush, but they have one thing in common, and it is the desire to survive and thrive at any cost. In this historical novel, two strangers join forces to fight against thieves, fire, and the elements, but the hardest fight is for the survival of their relationship.

Suzanne is offering GOLD RUSH GIRL for free on Smashwords if you use the COUPON CODE RW100 at checkout. After this week, the price goes back to $1.99.

You can visit her bog for more recommendations on free e-books.

Another sweet deal is this 12 book box set for $0.99. Yep, twelve books, twelve mysteries/thrillers! It’s called the Deadly Dozen and here’s a list of the books you’ll receive:

And, my own short story for readers 9 and up, THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT which is available on Amazon.

TheLitClubProject 3X3

Catherine Mason has a problem. She hates reading, but her book-loving parents stuck her in Literature Club. And she wants out. 

But wiggling away from meetings hasn’t been simple until she discovered Archimedes and his death ray.

Maybe, just maybe, Archimedes is her ticket out of Literature Club.


Do you have a favorite e-book to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Fact or Fiction? Archimedes’ Death Ray

TheLitClubProject 3X3In my short story THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT, Catherine Mason, the main character, sets fire to toy boats using a heat lamp and mirror. She designs her project based on what she has read about the Greek scientist, Archimedes, who destroyed enemy ships using reflective metals and the sun.

This weapon – sometimes called Archimedes’ death ray – has long been debated.

Some, like Mythbusters, say nope. It’s a myth. They’ve performed the experiment twice, and believe there would have been too many complications from the weather and local geography.

Others, like MIT 2.009 Engineers, say yep, Archimedes could have created and used such a weapon, as long as there was little or no cloud coverage.

Although Catherine’s experiment in THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT does take some, or maybe a lot of, literary license, her project is not complete fiction.

And, if you still wonder how much fact I had in the story, check out the video above from GreenPower Science, which shows them burning a pirate ship with their own version of the Archimedes death ray.