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Awarding Youth and Adventure

A few weeks ago historical fiction writer Kate MacNicol surprised me with a lovely blog award for up-and-coming bloggers called the Liebster Award.

My pleasure in receiving this recognition was doubled since it was from Kate, who writes posts that I wish I had written. (By the way, she’s promised to blog about her week-long writing course with Donald Maass “Writing the Breakout Intensive” so we should all be camped out on her blog steps.)

Kate and I, and about 40 or 50 other writers, met through Kristen Lamb’s Blogging to Build Your Author Brand class. (You can sign up now for her October class. Believe me it’s a great investment of your time and money!)

But back to the award process. . . part of winning the blog award means I get to pass it along to other up-and-coming bloggers. I am delighted to take that assignment to heart.

My first two Liebster Blog awards are in the Youth category:

Joys of Life – Marie blogs about lessons of faith she is learning through everyday life. Since her sunny disposition easily shines through each of her posts, it makes the glimpses into junior high, babysitting, and volleyball all the more pleasant.

QuirksInAndOfWritting – is a blog that began with the “wacky idea” that Rachel could learn about writing by blogging. Sound familiar? Rachel’s keen observations about the craft of writing and her insights into young adult books amaze me. I’d visit her blog even if I wasn’t her mother.

(Oops! Filing my disclaimer: Rachel is my pre-teen daughter, so I freely admit to nepotism. You may report me to the awards commission as soon as I hide my award.)

My next two Liebster Blog awards are in the Adventure category:

Nancy J. Nichols: Ahoy mates! (I’ve always wanted to do that.) Nancy is a mystery writer who is part pirate, part organizational guru. Nancy brings her adventures aboard the Fawkes Phoenix to life by revealing the details of living aboard a ship. Fascinating posts which make this landlubber yearn to set sail.

Ramblecrunch: Renee is another writer who is living a life of true adventure with her family. Theirs is not on the high seas, but in a used RV, traveling the byways and highways of Europe. Through her photos and entertaining stories she brings us along on her once-in-a-lifetime fantastical journey.

Hope you’ll drop in on my friends and say hello.