Free and .99 Books for Read an E-book Week

Free and .99 Books for Read an E-book Week

This week I’m celebrating reading and the 10th anniversary of Read an E-Book week by sharing free and 0.99 titles.

First, is the author who first told me about Read an E-Book Week, Suzanne Lily, and her newest YA book, GOLD RUSH GIRL.  

gold-rush-girl-small-e1391433764864Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold may be at odds about how to make money during the California Gold Rush, but they have one thing in common, and it is the desire to survive and thrive at any cost. In this historical novel, two strangers join forces to fight against thieves, fire, and the elements, but the hardest fight is for the survival of their relationship.

Suzanne is offering GOLD RUSH GIRL for free on Smashwords if you use the COUPON CODE RW100 at checkout. After this week, the price goes back to $1.99.

You can visit her bog for more recommendations on free e-books.

Another sweet deal is this 12 book box set for $0.99. Yep, twelve books, twelve mysteries/thrillers! It’s called the Deadly Dozen and here’s a list of the books you’ll receive:

And, my own short story for readers 9 and up, THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT which is available on Amazon.

TheLitClubProject 3X3

Catherine Mason has a problem. She hates reading, but her book-loving parents stuck her in Literature Club. And she wants out. 

But wiggling away from meetings hasn’t been simple until she discovered Archimedes and his death ray.

Maybe, just maybe, Archimedes is her ticket out of Literature Club.


Do you have a favorite e-book to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know.

3 Helpful Ways Adults Can Be Part of World Read Aloud Day

3 Helpful Ways Adults Can Be Part of World Read Aloud Day

The big – as in worldwide – read aloud day is only a week away. Are you ready?

Next week, tens of thousands of people across the globe will read aloud to bring attention to the importance of stories, words, and reading.

Reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out, and storytelling is what links both. – Pam Allyn, founder LitWorld & World Read Aloud Day

And while the attention of many people is focused on young children and picture books, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some interesting ideas for adults who want to show their support:

  • poetry pop-up cafe — businesses treat their customers to short poetry readings sprinkled throughout the day. (I’d love to hear Howard Nemerov’s “Bacon & Eggs” or William Carlos Williams’ ode to plums in “This is Just to Say” over the intercom system at my local grocery store. Or how about Emily Dickinson’s “There is Another Sky” over the loudspeaker of your favorite gardening store?)
  • skype with a friend – just as children’s author Kate Messner has put together a group of authors who volunteered to read to libraries and classrooms throughout March 5, you can skype with a long-distance friend to share what you are reading.
  • set up a book swap – co-workers, exercise buddies, or bridge clubs/bunco groups/Bible studies can include time to talk and swap books that they’ve recently read. The discussions are usually as much fun as finding new authors.(Wouldn’t it be great if all authors allowed their e-books to be loaned on March 5th? I’m always disappointed when I want to share an e-book with a friend, but can’t because the author or publisher has blocked it.)

So really, no matter how we highlight words and stories and reading on World Read Aloud Day, we should celebrate and encourage literacy in our communities.

I hope you plan to read aloud on March 5th!