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This Is Your Kid’s Brain on Fiction

Almost 4 years ago, I blogged about Ali Dent’s literature clubs.

Aaannd. . . .earlier this year, I used our club experience as the setting for THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT. (Only 99 cents! Perfect short story read for 9 and up!) <- obligatory commercial

As you can tell, my family has loved being part of a literature club. It blends books and friends, reading and laughter.

lit club 4Since my original post, Ali has helped other parents form their own literature clubs. Last year, she also published a book for parents who want to know how to form their own group.

You can see what THE LIT CLUB is all about if you watch the trailer above. (If you’re a fan of Adventures in Odyssey, you may recognize the narrator.)

And for a limited time, Ali’s book, THE LIT CLUB, is 1/2 price. Now’s the perfect time to explore how a literature club could make a difference in your family’s lives.

P.S. If you just want a taste of what literature clubs offer, you should visit Ali’s website to get a FREE literature club guide to THE HUNGER GAMES.

Fact or Fiction? Archimedes’ Death Ray

TheLitClubProject 3X3In my short story THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT, Catherine Mason, the main character, sets fire to toy boats using a heat lamp and mirror. She designs her project based on what she has read about the Greek scientist, Archimedes, who destroyed enemy ships using reflective metals and the sun.

This weapon – sometimes called Archimedes’ death ray – has long been debated.

Some, like Mythbusters, say nope. It’s a myth. They’ve performed the experiment twice, and believe there would have been too many complications from the weather and local geography.

Others, like MIT 2.009 Engineers, say yep, Archimedes could have created and used such a weapon, as long as there was little or no cloud coverage.

Although Catherine’s experiment in THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT does take some, or maybe a lot of, literary license, her project is not complete fiction.

And, if you still wonder how much fact I had in the story, check out the video above from GreenPower Science, which shows them burning a pirate ship with their own version of the Archimedes death ray.