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3 Steps to Help Your Struggling Reader Beat a Summer Slump

3 Steps to Help Your Struggling Reader Beat a Summer Slump

To a child, few things sound as sweet as the last bell on the last day before summer break.

With no assignments or homework to complete, he sees the summer as a welcome release from the daily tension that goes with modern education.

{Unless you’re a child who struggles to read}

Unfortunately, a child with reading problems cannot indulge in long breaks without losing important ground made during the school year.

Research shows that a child’s reading skills, especially those who already struggle with books, decline during the summer months.

A long break from regular reading practice often means a child has to learn words and word families again when school starts in the fall.

On the other hand, nonstop work leaves a child feeling as if his life is held prisoner by his learning disability.

{So what’s the solution?}

Reading experts say the key is balance and suggest parents find ways to let their children recharge while not losing vital reading skills over the summer.

With that advice in mind, here are three steps to help your child enjoy summer without losing important reading skills:

  1. Begin with a flexible schedule.  Like adults, children enjoy summer’s unhurried pace, so sticking with a loose timetable will go a long way to convince your child that he truly is getting a break from school.
  2. Go casual. Since the summer offers valuable downtime, reading experts do suggest you make use of the time by familiarizing your child with the books he will read for the upcoming school year as long as you use a relaxed approach. For instance, sample future reading assignments as an audio book or as part of your family read aloud time, but avoid announcing that the material is school related.
  3. Buy or borrow short stories or easy-to-read books. Starting and finishing a story boosts a child’s confidence and creates a desire to read more. That’s why summer is ideal for easy-to-read books or short stories.  Over the break, he may be able to read several shorter books or stories and start the school year with a sense of accomplishment. As a bonus, your child is less likely to feel insecure about reading easier books or short stories since he isn’t comparing his reading material to the tome the bookworm is holding sitting in the desk beside him.

Summer learning doesn’t have to imitate school routines to be effective. A child with reading disabilities may have to be more careful with his summer time, but he deserves a playful break just as much as anyone else.

With a little planning, this summer can be the best ever.

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Free and .99 Books for Read an E-book Week

Free and .99 Books for Read an E-book Week

This week I’m celebrating reading and the 10th anniversary of Read an E-Book week by sharing free and 0.99 titles.

First, is the author who first told me about Read an E-Book Week, Suzanne Lily, and her newest YA book, GOLD RUSH GIRL.  

gold-rush-girl-small-e1391433764864Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold may be at odds about how to make money during the California Gold Rush, but they have one thing in common, and it is the desire to survive and thrive at any cost. In this historical novel, two strangers join forces to fight against thieves, fire, and the elements, but the hardest fight is for the survival of their relationship.

Suzanne is offering GOLD RUSH GIRL for free on Smashwords if you use the COUPON CODE RW100 at checkout. After this week, the price goes back to $1.99.

You can visit her bog for more recommendations on free e-books.

Another sweet deal is this 12 book box set for $0.99. Yep, twelve books, twelve mysteries/thrillers! It’s called the Deadly Dozen and here’s a list of the books you’ll receive:

And, my own short story for readers 9 and up, THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT which is available on Amazon.

TheLitClubProject 3X3

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But wiggling away from meetings hasn’t been simple until she discovered Archimedes and his death ray.

Maybe, just maybe, Archimedes is her ticket out of Literature Club.


Do you have a favorite e-book to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know.