Growing up in a small town that had a big personality, Bridgette was familiar with the power of storytelling.

How else to appreciate the adventures of the housewife who put a turkey in the back seat of her car and drove around town wanting to make sure the turkey got plenty of fresh air before it was “given the ax” for Thanksgiving?

Or to speculate on the whereabouts of the state’s first female lawyer after her chilling disappearance while she watched television and shelled beans?

Or to marvel at the good fortune of the stagecoach owner, hidden in a narrow closet, while soldiers, only a few feet away, shot bullets into a wall as they sought him.

These stories, and many more, taught Bridgette that humor, intrigue, excitement are available to anyone, anywhere, any time.

With such a rich history of larger-than-life characters, it was easy for Bridgette to draw on her childhood to create a chapter book series about a small-town girl with big dreams who sends pet hamsters on hot air balloon rides, crashes a Bollywood-styled wedding, and turns her orange sweet potatoes purple.

Her first manuscript in this series – Laurel Leblanc, Future Gazillionaire – was named a Middle Grade Finalist in the Writer’s League of Texas 2016 Manuscript contest. There are currently three other manuscripts – Laurel Leblanc Goes Bollywood, Laurel Leblanc Sees Purple, Laurel Leblanc and the Amazing Softball Tournament – which are written, but under revision.

Bridgette is also developing a new chapter book series about a small town boy who goes in search for his song. You can find out more about Bridgette and her writing by signing up here.

Bridgette received her MA in English and has taught composition to middle school, high school, and college students. She also successfully homeschooled her children from the start of pre-K to high school graduation. When she is not writing, Bridgette scores essays for a testing company, giving her the chance to read the funny, honest, exciting stories of today’s children.