3 Pirate Dictionaries You Must Visit


While writing dialogue for The Pirate’s Treasure, I searched high and low for the right words and phrases to come spouting out of my bumbling pirate Doyle “Three Swabs” Reed.

What I found is not all pirate dictionaries are equal. So, in order to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate day in pirate-y fashion, here are the three dictionaries I found most useful during my research.

1. The Pirate Glossary 

Curated by Careena the Sea Wench, the Pirate Glossary is a collection of phrases, places, famous pirates, ship terms, weaponry, and more.

My favorite is the Namecalling collection because it’s always helpful knowing when a character can call out, “Ye bilge rat!”

2. It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day 

Pirate language is demonstrated in this helpful Talk Like a Pirate/What You Ought To Know video by The Brothers Winn.

Brother Winn gives quick suggestions for word replacements, gravely voices, and squinting.

My favorite advice: Get your pirate face right!



3. Pirate Insults

Okay, so this one is technically not a dictionary but a collection of insults you can mix ‘n match to form your own special lingo.

Once I read “Swim with the fishes ye lice infested harbor hog!” I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to have a character use it.

Bonus: The Pirate Primer


Entries like:

blast your eyes [blarrst/blass ya/yarr/ye/yer/yere/yore eye’ ees]

take Talk Like A Pirate Day to an entirely new level.

I don’t actually own a copy of The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues by George Choundas (yet) which is why I can’t completely recommend it.

But I did find the introduction on Amazon helpful and plan to buy the book when I discover more stories for the characters of The Pirate’s Treasure.


So this year, enjoy September 19 the International Talk Like a Pirate day by throwing out your favorite pirate phrase or insult and make sure you practice your pirate face!