Kids with Guts

Do you remember your first jump off a diving board?

Or the queasy roil in your stomach the first time you heard the click of a roller coaster seat lock?

If not, then take a moment for a refresher course through the eyes of this 4th grader’s first ski jump.

Pretty cool, huh?

Does this bring back any memories for you?

For me? It’s the springboard high dive at my local pool. It was about 15 feet off the ground, and I used to climb down the ladder more often than I jumped off the board.  (To the jeers of my friends below. :) )

by Bridgette Booth

Bridgette Booth writes for children and young adults. Her short story, THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT, is available on Amazon. You can email Bridgette at bridgette [at] bridgettebooth [dot] com.

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