Throw Me Some Beads!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

After two (or three or four) less than stellar ROW80 check-ins, I’m primed for a celebration. This is excellent timing since Fat Tuesday – or Mardi Gras day – is this week.

Bring on the king cake and let’s fall into the second line for my check-in!

Row80 Update #10

Goal 1 – Fiction 

While my main focus is on completing the short story,  I am also reviewing my WIP’s cast of characters for colorful, but unnecessary, characters. (A habit I started when I wrote a WIP in pieces. Great for a scene, but not so great with the big picture.) Throw me some beads, baby!

  • Got in 5500+ words this week.
  • Completed 2/3rd of 2nd draft – short story
  • Completed 1/16th of my WIP character list <– okay, so maybe this one isn’t bead worthy, but at least give me a AIEEE!

Goal 2 – Freelance

After last’s week flub-a-dubbing, I was determined to hit each freelance deadline, and I DID!

Throw me some beads, baby!

  • Submitted project to client #1.
  • Green light on query. Lined up interviews for assignment.
  • Picked up 2 new assignments.
  • Began next project for client #1

Goal 3 – Social Media

Had an excellent week on the blog as I hosted Diana Murdock for an interview about her upcoming YA paranormal romance, Souled. Got in my time online and I turned social media OFF when I was supposed to. Throw me some beads, baby!

  • Posted 3 times this week. Yep, yep, yep.
  • Commented and promoted over 15 blogs this week.
  • Joined my WANA buddies for a blog tour. (A little second lining in the blogosphere???)

How was your week? Are you going to enjoy some Mardi Gras this week? C’mon!!! I’ll throw YOU some beads. Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

by Bridgette Booth

Bridgette Booth writes for children and young adults. Her short story, THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT, is available on Amazon. You can email Bridgette at bridgette [at] bridgettebooth [dot] com.

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