Breathing Words

Diana Murdock

I don’t hide behind the words I write. 

I live them. 

I breathe them.

am them.

What you see is what you get.

Maybe.   (Diana Murdock, About Me)


Diana Murdock has a haunting honesty.  Her words, her thoughts, her ideas are not easily skimmed or dismissed.  They require reflection, speculation, or at the bare minimum, a pause.

I’ve admired Diana’s writing since meeting her last summer in Kristen Lamb’s class on blogging, and I am delighted to showcase her work today. Along with being a writer, Diana is a mother of two teen boys, she works a day job, and is, possibly, a workaholic. (I suspect this from the 3:00 a.m. time stamp on her emails.)

But before we get started with the interview, let’s take a peek at Diana’s upcoming book, Souled:

Power and Control…

What 17-year-old boy wouldn’t be tempted by the promise of power and control – no matter what form that promise came in?

Seth knew exactly what he would do with power and control.  He’d be well on his way to a wrestling scholarship, his dad could stop working so hard to make ends meet, and he’d forever have the heart of his girlfriend, Sandpoint High’s most beautiful girl.

For Seth, the temptation was much too strong to resist. And why should he?  The way he saw it, he had everything to gain.

But when he unknowingly invites another soul to share his body, Seth discovers that not all power is good – especially when it was never his to wield.  And when the soul reveals its true intentions, will Seth have the strength to fight it or would death be less painful?

Scheduled for release in Spring 2012

Diana, I’m so pleased to talk to you. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you become a writer?

I started writing poems when I was young.  That seemed to be the only way I could really express myself.  I wrote short stories as well, but they were either for school or for my eyes only.  My first attempt at writing a full novel began about 12 years ago.  I’d had such a powerful dream that stayed with me for days.  I finally wrote it down and it became the opening chapter of Again.

Speaking of your debut novel, Again is women’s fiction, but Souled  is YA. Why the switch?

I’ve always had a soft spot for the YA age group, but Again was a very personal journey that just had to be told, almost like a portal had opened to nudge me in the direction of writing for others, not just for myself.  After Again was published, I gravitated to the YA section of the library and read a lot of YA books because it resonated with me.  Perhaps because my childhood was so dysfunctional and I never felt I had a voice.  Through writing in the YA genre, my characters give me the opportunity to speak.  I hope that my characters can speak with and to the readers as well.

Souled focuses on soul or spirit attachment – an idea that a spirit or entity is attracted to certain people – so does this book fall under the Paranormal Romance umbrella?

Definitely.  Though the topic of other souls “coming along for the ride” weaves itself through the pages, it is ultimately love that starts the story rolling, and keeps the characters and events in motion until the end.

What did you like best about writing Souled?

I’m fascinated by all things paranormal and the subject of soul attachment in particular hits home for me.  I have had two members of my family who have had attachments and I could see the progression of their experience.  A couple of my friends have also had similar experiences as well.  Writing Souled gave me the opportunity to use what I knew and also continue my research on the subject.  There is so much out there that most of us don’t even know about!

Then the question must be asked: If you could share souls with anyone, who would it be?

That’s a loaded question, but I’d have to say Roni Benise, the Spanish guitarist.  His obvious good looks aside, to be able to see life through his eyes, to experience his emotions when he creates the beautiful music that he does, would be incredible!  I’d never leave!

No spoilers here but you have two intriguing story lines going back and forth between Maksim and Silura and Seth and Dani. What made you design the story this way?

Silura and Maksim, lovers from centuries ago, have their own tragic story to tell, and since it is to tightly woven around Seth and Dani, I felt it was important for the reader to know exactly what Seth was up against and why.  I wanted to show that a person’s actions always have some type of ripple effect through space and time and that it rarely stops with that person.

Seth is a fantastic boyfriend. He’s sweet, thoughtful, and devoted to Dani. Is he based on anyone from your life?

Seth is such a sweetheart, isn’t he?  I didn’t have anyone in particular in my mind when I created him.  I just love the innocence some young teens have and the way they look at the world with trust and hope.  I stand on the side of those who sometimes make the wrong choices for the right reasons.  That’s how I saw Seth.

Last, but not least, are we going to get to see a sequel to Souled

Awesome!  I’m happy that you enjoyed the story enough to ask!  This is the type of story that could take many different directions, so, yes, I’ve left that possibility wide open.

Thank you, Diana, for sharing with us! You can find Diana at Diana Murdock’s Blog. Souled is scheduled for release in Spring 2012. Again is available through Amazon.

You can read more about Souled in my review here.

It’s your turn now. What questions do you have for Diana? 


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