ROW80 Update – Squished Valentine Chocolate

Did you ever squish your valentine chocolate pieces to see what flavor each one was? My sister and I used to do that with our chocolate and then secretly plant the icky ones in our brother’s box (who unwisely never went snooping for Valentine treats).

While smooshing chocolates was an effective way to see what we were about to eat, it also ruined the appeal of the chocolate piece for anyone else.

So, when I read the we are entering our sixth week of ROW80 (via  Marcia Richards) my first reaction was to squish those first six weeks so I could analyze each one and see what did or didn’t happen.

But exactly how helpful is that at this point? Poking a hole through each week is useful when it’s time to review, but now? Knowing my bad habits, I’ll focus only on what I haven’t accomplished, not what I have.

So instead, I’m leaving my chocolate pieces intact and accept that I have a box of chocolates. (And, let’s face it, it’s all about the heart shaped box anyway.)

So Happy Valentine’s week! No one has to look at a bunch of squished chocolate pieces today. :)

Goal 1 – fiction – complete first draft of manuscript

Thank you, thank you for all the encouragement and advice you offered about whether or not to pursue a short story. I took the leap last week and wrote a first draft of the short story. My main character is from my WIP, so the work complements the manuscript. Although technically, I have not made progress on this specific goal, I do count the short story work as being part of the WIP so I call it almost good. :)

Goal 2 – freelance – maintain current projects

Slipped up this week with the freelance work. I’m struggling to finish one and begin another one. Although I had a very busy week (non-writing responsibilities) I DID have the time to address my freelance work but just didn’t. This is an area that I will be addressing this coming week.

Goal 3 – social media – maintain current relationships and strive for posting consistency 

Uh-oh. I had trouble here this week. I posted only 1 out of 3 times this past week and was spotty with my blog visits to others. I will be experimenting some more so I believe this week will be better with social media.

I hope you will savor your accomplishments – big or small – this week!

by Bridgette Booth

Bridgette Booth writes for children and young adults. Her short story, THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT, is available on Amazon. You can email Bridgette at bridgette [at] bridgettebooth [dot] com.

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