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ROW80 Update #3: My Project has Morning Breath

Aw, you’re breath is kickin’ like Jackie Chan

A little like you opened up Tuna Cans.  ~ Maxwell’s House, Bad Breath

You know that moment when your true love shifts from greeting you with hey baby! to where’s my socks?

Well, I’m there with my newest project. Yep. This week’s work has revealed rat-size knots. Huge, gigantic, Go-Back-to-Start-and-Do-Not-Collect-$200 problems.

Those blurred edges in my imagination needed to snap into focus so I could build a strong story foundation – and, I am relieved that it is now, rather than, 100 pages in (been there, done that) – but honestly to get a whiff of morning breath this soon into our relationship is a bummer.

What about you? How far along are you usually before the shine comes off the project?


Goal 1: Fiction – Complete 2.5 segments of my new project Blue Skies.

  • start & finish planning for Blue Skies 

√ Getting the planning in, but am wrangling with big picture of the story. Affects tone, POV, and my level of excitement about writing it, so I am pushing hard before settling in for months of work. (If I don’t feel like I MUST write it, then I don’t want to bother.)

Goal 2: Freelance  – Maintain current work projects.

  • research, write, and sell 5 projects for client #1

× Lagging with wrapping up my research on my freelance project #1. Mid-week I should be finishing the research, but instead I still have a healthy amount left to do. I’d cut myself more slack except I used my freelance writing time yesterday to play Spider Solitaire. (I justified this goof-off time because it was cold and rainy, and I couldn’t drink hot chocolate.) LOL!

 Goal 3: Social Media – Maintain current relationships and strive for posting consistency.

  • visit and comment on at least 10 blogs a week

√ Am killing this one. Got in 17 since last check-in. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. I should scale down to my original goal of 2 a day. 

  • look for opportunities to promote other writers/bloggers through facebook, twitter, or other social media

√ Smoking this one thanks to triberr video link from Angela Wallace and Natalie Hartford

And, that’s all for this check-in. Even if you are dealing with stinky morning breath like I am, I hope your ROW80 week is fantastic!

(If you are interested in seeing a list of my complete goals, then you can find them on my ROW80 2012 page or in this post, Giddy with Goals.)