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Happy New Year!

Don’t know about you but I’m starting off the new year with another Round of Words in 80 Days, or ROW80.

Created by Kait Nolan, ROW80 is a writing challenge that knows writers have a life.  The rules are simple: set your goals and then make updates on your progress throughout the 80 days. (Links to read the official rules and sign up are below.)

The first round of ROW80 starts today and will run until March 22nd. Updates are on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Today, I’m starting with my goals.

My Round 1 goals are ambitious simply because my spring writing schedule may be non-existent. I must get a large amount of work behind me this winter. So here I go ~

Goal 1: Fiction -  Complete 2.5 segments of my new project: Blue Skies.

  • start & finish planning for BS
  • start & finish research for BS
  • start & finish 32K words of 1st draft of BS (and judging by previous 1st drafts it will be BS! lol!)

Goal 2: Freelance  - Maintain current work projects.

  • research, write, sell 5 projects for client #1
  • submit 6 times to editor #1
  • submit 3 times to editor #2
  • explore 1 new opportunity for client #2

Goal 3: Social Media - Maintain current relationships and strive for posting consistency.

  • blog post 3 times a week (2 ROW80 updates and 1 post) (I know! I know! cheater, cheater pumpkin eater! Don’t report me to the blog police!)
  • visit & comment on at least 10 blogs a week (2 blogs a day)
  • look for opportunities to promote fellow bloggers/writers and their efforts at least 2 times a week on twitter, facebook, or other social media

What about you??? Are you taking on any writing goals? Life or health goals? Leave me a comment and let me know what you are planning this new year!

Interested in ROW80?

 What is ROW80? explains what ROW80 is all about and what the “rules” are.

Ready to join in?

Click ->  Sign Up for Round 1 of 2012

And, if you need a little more nudging, then go here -> Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, or What I Learned from ROW80 for my opinion on how ROW80 2011 Round 4 went for me.

by Bridgette Booth

Bridgette Booth writes for children and young adults. Her short story, THE LITERATURE CLUB PROJECT, is available on Amazon. You can email Bridgette at bridgette [at] bridgettebooth [dot] com.

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